HR Officer at Siniora food Industries Company

"Our company always needs new staff who have related field experience including knowledge of the safety and quality systems we implement. Dual Studies Program is a unique initiative that help students to acquire needed skills to be able to find a job when graduate. Personally, I admire the program and for sure I would chose DS over any other studies; if went back in time to choose what to study in university, I will chose DS. Saniora Company through joining the DS program is willing to train many students to be hired at graduation and this is part of the company social responsibility towards the Palestinian universities and students."

Dean of Dual Studies 

"We at Al-Quds University always look for new approaches to improve the education for our students. Therefore, we are happy to be the first university in the Middle East to adopt and apply the Dual Studies system along the lines of the successful German experience. We are sure that this innovative way of learning will have great success in Palestine as it is in Germany."

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The project "More Job Opportunities for Palestinian Youth" through Dual Studies at Al-Quds University, assisted by the German Government,
is being carried out by GFA Consulting Group on behalf of the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.
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