Information Technology Student at Trusted Systems

"The Dual Study Program introduced me to the Palestinian labor market starting from my first year in university. Now, I feel that I have as much responsibilities and duties in the company as any other employee. I also gained a lot of knowledge especially from the practical practice. I recommend new students to consider joining this program."

Information Technology Student at Axsos

"The Dual Study Program made it possible for me to be an active part in real projects in the company I am training in. This made me feel that I am providing an actual benefit to the society. The program combines what I learn in the university and what I practice in the training company. This combination helped me apply what I learn and gave me the opportunity to be more creative."

Electrical Engineering Student at Elemco

"Fear of the future and the unknown is no longer part of my life. I have experienced work and practiced what I have learned before even graduating. The Dual Study Program gave me a chance to be trained in Elemco Company, therefore, this experience taught me how to interact with my coworkers and managers. Now, I am aware of what is ahead of me after graduation, and of the requirements of the Palestinian labor market."

Electrical Engineering Student at Melemco

"I chose joining The Dual Study Program because it offered me an opportunity of getting a bachelor degree in Electrical Engineering in four years instead of five.  At the end of my journey, I would have spent four years in the Dual Study Program which equals five years of theoretical studies and two years of work experience in any other regular university."

Electrical Engineering Student at Harmonics Engineering

"I have always thought that in order to get a decent university education, the student has to travel abroad to join universities in developed countries. However, when I got to know the Dual Study Program and how it offers high quality education likewise international universities plus practical experience, I immediately joined the program."

Electrical Engineering Student at Atlantic Company 

"I advice Dual Studies students to take advantage of everyday they spend in order to gain the required skills that are important for their future career, whether they are in the university or the training company."

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